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Bio: Margaret Ayriss

MaggieCreative Keys Music is owned and operated by Margaret Ayriss, fondly known to her students as Maggie. Maggie has a passion for music and began playing the piano at age seven. Although she put her pursuit of musical education aside for some years while raising her son she has recently begun to study music again and is preparing for her ARCT in Pedagogy with The Royal Conservatory of Music.

Maggie has a lifetime of teaching experience and has successfully taught piano, swimming, horseback riding, jewellery making and fly fishing lessons. Artistic in many ways Maggie also enjoys participating in visual arts and loves to paint and draw.

Maggie enjoys sharing her knowledge with others and creates a friendly and relaxed learning environment for her students. She feels it is important to develop a personal relationship with each student and believes in teaching to the individual needs and interests of each one. Combining knowledge and a love of music, Maggie’s excitement about teaching is contagious and creates a passion in her students, enriching their lives with a greater appreciation for music.

Bio: Katherina Ayriss

KatherinaKatherina Ayriss has just recently joined Creative Keys Music. She has been involved in music lessons since she was a young girl, playing both clarinet and guitar. She is knowledgeable in music rudiments as well as finger picking and chording techniques. Katherina has played guitar accompaniment for church groups and kids groups.

Katherina has worked with children on numerous occasions running everything from Girl Guides to after school Kids Clubs. She is creative in her instruction methods, helping her students to find the joy in playing an instrument, and her years of experience give her much patience and understanding with beginning students. She also brings her own guitar to demonstrate techniques or to play along with the student. Katherina’s approach to teaching helps the student feel relaxed and comfortable with the lessons so they can achieve their musical goals.


Since signing Savannah up for piano lessons last year (2012), she has been excited to learn. Maggie and Savannah get along great and we have noticed great improvement. Not only in how she plays but [her ability] to follow music, remembering keys, [and] being encouraged to practice using impression and inspiration which helps her to start developing [a] bond [between] music and her.

Maggie seems to use different teachings ideas which have clearly been noticed with her classes. For example, the recitals that we have been to have shown us parents the progress of our daughter and of course the others. The last recital we were at showed that everyone has a thirst for music and is progressing greatly.

We will be signing up Savannah again this year as it is a delight to hear Savannah play and use the piano and watch her progress.


Margaret Ayriss has been teaching our daughter Medeea now since September 2012. We know that our daughter is the youngest student, but Maggie and Medeea get along great and we have noticed great improvement in how Medeea is playing piano, remembering the keys, recognizing the musical notes.

We appreciate Maggie because she is so good as a piano teacher, very patient and wonderful with our daughter, as she has built a relationship with her. Our daughter is only five and a half years old, and at this age children tend to play a lot, but Maggie managed to keep her focused on the lessons and not only that, but now she is practicing every day.

Thank you Maggie!

~Claudiu and Corina

Creative keys has been a great fit for our family. Maggie’s approach to teaching is fun, engaging and individualized. We have three children ages 9, 11 and 14. All of them are just beginning but Maggie took the time and effort to choose books and material that suited each child, so our 14 year old was not learning the same songs or things as our nine year old. We feel that helped give them a sense of accomplishment all their own.

Maggie is a teacher with talent for more then just playing the piano, she has also been very thorough in teaching music theory and proper technique. She has given our children opportunities to perform and they have all willingly participated in the performances.

Our children have been able to learn a variety of musical styles as well as popular songs they like because Maggie is able to write the music for them if she can not find it already written at their level.

All of our children have enjoyed their first year of piano and we look forward to more years of music in our home.

~Cameron and Charlotte Hudson


Margaret Ayriss has been teaching our 2 boys piano now since September 2012. She comes to our home each week. Having her teach our boys in our own home on their own piano has been a big deal for them and us. We feel this has helped us get to know her so much better. Also too, as their parents we feel we are more aware of what they are being taught and their progress they are making.

Due to her teaching both our children, they have learned scales as well as many songs. They have had 2 recitals so far and have impressed us on how much they have learned since they started. They have 1 more recital in June as well. She is creative with the recital programs and themes and puts so much effort into them. In having these recitals it helps the kids with their self confidence and they get to show off what they have learned.

Maggie is so good as a piano teacher because she makes it fun for them to learn. She personalizes the songs they play to help suit them. In doing this it makes learning more fun for them. Our boys are both really enjoying learning to play the piano and they are looking forward to progressing.

Maggie is a very patient teacher and is wonderful with our boys. Our boys have taken piano lessons in the past and never cared for it and it was always a fight to get them to practice and what not. So in the end they quit. Since Maggie has been teaching them this light has come on in both of them. There is no fighting to practice, or wanting to quit. She challenges our boys to practice their piano each day, as well as the theory she gives them to do. Maggie is in her element and is such an amazing piano teacher. She is so easy to work with.

We really enjoy Maggie as our boys piano teacher and would recommend her to anyone who is thinking of learning how to play the piano. Our boys are both signed up for in September to carry on with lessons from Maggie.

~Kent and Barb Stanford